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Teeth in a Day
Houston, TX

Woman who had missing teeth now smiling with perfect teeth at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS in Houston, TX 77056-3204There are a lot of things we can get on demand. We can order television shows or movies on demand. You can also get teeth on demand. In fact, we can give you shiny, new teeth in one day. If you need dentures now - we can give them to you, while you are sitting in our chair - all on demand. Let Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS give you information about our teeth in one day.

The Problem With Missing Teeth

If you have lost your teeth a little bit at a time, or you have lost them all at once due to an accident, the point is, you’re still missing teeth. When you lose one tooth, your mouth can usually recover. However, when you lose more than one tooth, there are problems. You could begin to feel anxious about your smile. You might not want to eat in front of other people and meeting new people could be especially challenging. If you are trying to date, go on a job interview, or interview for a promotion, you might not feel comfortable doing any of that if you are missing teeth.

There is more at stake for your teeth besides cosmetic issues. Over time, if you lose your teeth, it will affect your jawbone and the shape of your face. Every time you lose a tooth, it is no longer connected to your jawbone. Your body may begin to think you don’t need that part of your jawbone anymore. It will begin to remove bone and tissue from your jaw to use it more effectively elsewhere. Over time, your jawbone could become weaker. It could even break if it gets weak enough. The more bone is removed from your jaw, the more your facial shape might change.

Revolutionary Program for Missing Teeth

Today, there are dental procedures that give you the means to get new teeth in under a day. First, we’ll scan all the photographs and x-rays of you that we have. We want your brand-new teeth to get as close to looking like your natural teeth as possible. Once we scan your information, we use a 3D printer and other tools to make you an amazing new set of teeth. If you lost your teeth several years ago, or you just recently lost your teeth, we have the ability to give you all of your teeth back, all in one day while you wait.

Do you need new teeth? Do you need new teeth right now? We can give you new teeth so that you can return to your life, and the way you want to live it. For the best tooth replacement options like dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges, give Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS a call at (346) 250-2930.
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Are you missing teeth? We have many methods of replacing teeth including dental implants, teeth in a day. Call our Houston office to learn more about teeth in a day & dental implants.
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