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How Long is the Recovery Process for Implants?

When you have missing teeth, Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS can restore your smile and appearance with dental implants. During a consultation at our office, our highly trained dentists Dr. Garcia will explain the entire process involved in the dental implant process.

A major concern for most patients is the recovery period. It can take anywhere from six to eight months for patients to recover from dental implant placements. The recovery period is important because it is during this time that the bone heals and fuses with the implant. Let’s take at what you can expect from a dental implant procedure.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are inserted into the bone, where they provide a reliable foundation. All patients need a sufficient amount of bone density to interface with the dental implant. Insufficient bone mass can be remedied with the help of bone grafting, which can set back the recovery period by several weeks, or even months.

The most commonly used dental implant materials are zirconium and titanium. These materials are chosen for their strength and durability. The overall dental implant cost depends on various factors, including the materials used for the implants and the number of implants.

The dental implant procedure is surgical in nature, and you will require time for healing. The most common symptoms of the surgery include bleeding, bruising, swelling, discomfort, and nausea, among others.

What Factors Affect Recovery Time for Dental Implant Surgery?

There is a large interindividual variability in patient recovery times because of the number of factors involved. The patient’s age, general health, oral health, and the number of implants will ultimately determine recovery times.

In general, the more implants are placed, the longer it will take for patients to heal fully. This is because implants place stress on the bone during surgery. The location of surgery also plays an important part. The lower jawbone, which is the largest and strongest bone in the face, heals at a faster pace than the upper arch.

The patient's commitment to post-op instructions and oral hygiene will also play a role in recovery. Lifestyle changes and dietary modifications, such as giving up smoking and eating softer foods, will accelerate recovery. Smoking, in particular, can slow the recovery process. This is because nicotine constricts blood vessels and prevents blood from flowing to the soft tissues in an efficient manner. Chronic smoking may even lead to implant failure.

Things You Can Do To Improve the Recovery Process

You can take a few measures to improve your recovery time. This includes sleeping for at least eight hours per night to help the body heal itself. It is important to modify your diet to include soft nutritional foods that also happen to meet your daily recommended nutrients. Many patients underestimate the importance of hydration and its role in the healing process.

Dehydration reduces nutrient and oxygen delivery to the wound and disrupts the healing process. Make sure to drink at least two liters of water per day.

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