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Cleanings, Exams, & X-rays
Houston, TX

A woman smiling during her dental exam at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS in Houston, TXHumans have on average a pretty long lifespan of about 72 years. Over the course of that time, encountering disease or any other type of illness is all but inevitable. Dental problems are no exception. If you feel like you have trouble chewing hard foods, are experiencing some pain or discomfort in your gums, or have any other issues related to your dental health, then it might be a good time to visit our dentist’s office.

Getting any oral health concerns treated as soon as possible is the key to preventing major complications or long-term problems. Here at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we will identify and treat any potential dental health problems that you might have, and we take your health very seriously.

Dental Cleanings

No matter how good you take care of your teeth at home, they will nonetheless need professional cleaning from time to time. It is recommended that dental cleaning gets done twice a year. To start things off, a quick exam will be conducted, identifying potential concerns that may be a major issue. If everything looks fine, then a dental cleaning will be performed.

The main purpose is to remove all plaque and tartar that have been accumulating over the months. During the procedure, you will likely hear scraping sounds, and that is perfectly normal. When plaque hardens, it forms tartar, and that can only be cleaned by our dentist. However, plaque can be removed by you with frequent flossing and brushing.

After that, your teeth may be further cleaned by a powerful electric toothbrush. That will remove all leftover tartar and polish your teeth. Our dental hygienist, the person doing the dental cleaning, might also floss your teeth. While this might seem unnecessary, expert flossing can reach what you cannot, and is a fantastic way to keep the teeth healthy and shiny. Finally, we will have you rinse out your mouth to remove any debris. A fluoride treatment can also be given, protecting your teeth against cavities for several months.

Dental Exams and X-rays

Oral problems can get serious and painful before you know it. It is very important to regularly visit our dentist to get dental exams. Most people should have an appointment every six months. The goal is to find problems such as tooth decay and gum disease as early as possible, making them easier to treat.

You might also learn more about your teeth, gums, and dental health in general. If you have existing oral conditions, such as gum disease, it is a good idea to get dental exams more frequently, possibly three times a year or more. Sometimes a dental exam will include a cleaning session.

X-rays should be conducted once per year. Bitewing x-rays are often used to check for cavities and specific oral problems, while a full-mouth series, taken every few years, is for examining the overall oral health. Our dentist will review the information from the x-rays, as well as check your teeth and gums to determine their health. Your bite, how well your top and bottom teeth fit, may also be checked along with signs of oral cancer.

Regular dental appointments are essential for good oral health. To learn more, please contact us here at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS at (346) 250-2930 today to get your dental checkup done!
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Cleanings, Exams, & Xrays - Dental Implants Houston, TX - Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS
Here at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we will identify and treat any potential dental health problems that you might have, and we take your health very seriously. Call today!
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